Shrimp Pond Biosecurity to Prevent WFD (White Feces Disease)

Revfvi Al Ghaney Rizal | writerUploaded 09 January 2024

Biosecurity in shrimp ponds aims to prevent the entry and spread of diseases, including White Feces Disease (WFD). White Feces Disease (WFD) is an infectious disease that often haunts vannamei shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) farming.

About WFD Disease

This disease is caused by the bacterial infection Vibrio parahaemolyticus and several other viruses that can cause typical clinical symptoms. One of the main characteristics of WFD is the change in shrimp feces color to white or whitish. Additionally, infected shrimp often show decreased appetite, weakness, and mass mortality, resulting in significant losses in pond production.

WFD disease poses a serious challenge to vannamei shrimp farmers because it can spread quickly in dense shrimp populations. Infections can occur through direct contact between shrimp, water, or through intermediary organisms such as other crustaceans. Successfully controlling WFD involves effective prevention measures and careful biosecurity practices.

Here are some biosecurity steps that can help prevent WFD infection:

  • Selection of Healthy Juveniles

Ensure juveniles undergo strict health checks before being introduced into the pond.

  • Pond Cleanliness

Routinely clean and disinfect ponds before and after each farming cycle. Avoid using dirty or contaminated tools or equipment.

  • Monitoring Water Quality

Conduct routine monitoring of water quality, including temperature, salinity, and pH, to ensure optimal environmental conditions for shrimp.

  • Pest and Disease Control

Implement an effective pest and disease control program to prevent parasite or pathogen infections in the pond.

Safe Disinfection to Prevent WFD

  • Prevention from Outside
Nano Disinfectant
Nano Disinfectant

Shrimp farming disinfection can be carried out to prevent and treat shrimp from pathogens. The use of disinfectants before shrimp stocking is done to eliminate pathogens in the water so that the water is sterile from disease agents. 

Sedulur Makmur can use FisTx Product, Nano Disinfectant for WFD prevention with a dose of 0.05 ppm and for treatment with a dose of 0.1 ppm.

  • Prevention from Inside
Nano Silver
Nano Silver

Internal disinfection can be done with FisTx product, Nano Silver, the best disinfectant that can be mixed in feed. Feeding through the feed can directly benefit shrimp digestion with a dose of 0.5 PPT. You can mix Nano Silver 0.5 PPT into 100 ml of water, then add it to 1 kg of feed.

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