IMNV Disease: Characteristics, Prevention, and Treatment

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Infectious Myonecrosis Virus (IMNV) disease, also known as shrimp myonecrosis disease, poses a serious threat to the fisheries industry. This virus attacks shrimp muscle tissues, causing the death of muscle cells. This article will discuss the characteristics, prevention, and management of IMNV disease for shrimp fisheries.

Characteristics of IMNV Disease

1. Pale Body Color: Shrimp infected with IMNV may show physical signs such as a pale or whitish body color.

2. Clinical Symptoms: Symptoms like weakness, decreased appetite, and loss of balance are characteristic of IMNV.

3. Muscle Necrosis: This disease is characterized by muscle tissue necrosis or death, which can be observed through histopathological examination.

Preventing IMNV

Environmental Management: Maintaining water quality, environmental cleanliness, and nutrient balance in ponds are important steps in preventing IMNV. Sedulur Makmur can use some treatments recommended by FisTx to avoid IMNV and other diseases.

DOC<30: Use Nano Disinfectant with a dosage of 0.1 ppm once daily and apply Nano Silver to feed at a dosage of 0.5 PPT.

DOC>30: For DOC over 30 days, use Nano Disinfectant with a dosage of 0.1 ppm every 10 days. Also, add Chemo Attractant to feed at a dosage of 5 PPT. Also, perform water treatment with Baskara UV in the inlet channels.

Treating IMNV Disease

Treatment: IMNV treatment can be done in several ways. FisTx recommends treating IMNV using Super Aqua at night and Chemo Attractant during the day with a dosage of 4 ppt. Additionally, perform daytime disinfection treatment using Nano Disinfectant at a dosage of 0.2 ppt, provided that the vibrio value is above its optimal value.

Pond Management: Efficient pond management, including the use of good filters and filtration systems, can help reduce the risk of IMNV spread.

By understanding the characteristics, prevention, and management of IMNV disease, it is hoped that the shrimp fisheries industry can reduce the risk of losses due to this disease and improve overall productivity.

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