Shrimp Probiotic Bacillus Subtilis, Farmers' Companion

Revfvi Al Ghaney Rizal | writerUploaded 05 January 2024

Shrimp farming is a rapidly growing industry, but it faces challenges in health and environmental management. In an effort to improve sustainability and productivity in shrimp farming, shrimp farmers are increasingly using supportive bacteria such as probiotics. One of the probiotic bacteria that has become a companion to shrimp farmers is Bacillus subtilis.

Effective Shrimp Health Agent

Bacillus subtilis, a gram-positive bacterium, has the ability to form spores and is tolerant to diverse environments. Bacillus subtilis is known as a shrimp immune system enhancer, reducing the risk of infection and increasing resistance to changing environmental conditions.

Improving Shrimp Digestive Health

Bacillus subtilis helps prevent digestive problems, including White Feces Disease (WFD), by optimizing the balance of bacteria in the shrimp gut. This bacterium positively modulates shrimp gut microflora and enhances the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Environmentally Friendly Ammonia Waste Management

This bacterium plays a role in producing extracellular protease enzymes, which act as cleaners of protein-based pollutants. This can occur because leftover feed in the water will be broken down by protease enzymes into simple compounds that will then be used by bacteria as components for growth

With positive effects on digestion, shrimp immunity, and ammonia waste management, this bacterium not only provides solutions to health challenges but also to the balance of pond water ecosystems.

Time to Use Probiotics

The use of probiotics is one of the options to achieve optimal harvest results. Amidst the issue of falling shrimp prices, managing shrimp health becomes crucial.

Shrimp Probiotic

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