Recognize the Symptoms of White Feces Disease in Shrimp Cultivation (WFD)

Revfvi Al Ghaney Rizal | writerUploaded 17 July 2023

The negative effects of Intensive Shrimp Cultivation Systems (High Stocking Density) without good cultivation management can lead to many problems. One of them is WFD (White Feces Disease) or also known as white feces in shrimp cultivation, which is still a nightmare for vannamei shrimp farmers in Indonesia. This is due to the 'Domino Effect' caused by WFD, starting from mass mortality, environmental instability, to the ineffectiveness of feed provided, resulting in increased production costs.

WFD itself is a disease caused by Vibrio bacterial infection in the shrimp's hepatopancreas, disrupting the digestion and absorption of food. Clinical symptoms that indicate shrimp affected by white feces disease include: decreased appetite, pale white intestines due to lack of food intake, floating white feces on the water surface, and abnormal growth. In addition to Vibrio sp as the main cause, there are other factors that make WFD easily enter our cultivation system. These include poor cultivation management, overfeeding, use of inferior seedlings, poor water quality, and the lack of knowledge among farmers affecting treatment decisions.

Early prevention of potential white feces disease in shrimp is necessary. Some steps we can take include: being wiser in feeding, using superior seedlings resulting from F1 (SPF & SPR) broodstock, regularly removing metabolic waste and leftover feed to minimize the growth media for Vibrio sp, and enriching feed with feed additives to enhance shrimp immunity from within. To tackle the onslaught of WFD disease, FisTx has a solution to address this issue. Chemo Attractant helps us address the problems of WFD disease in your shrimp cultivation. Chemo Attractant is equipped with garlic extract which functions as a natural antioxidant, enhancing your shrimp's immunity against the severity of this widespread disease.