The Role of Bacillus Bacteria in Vannamei Shrimp Farming

Revfvi Al Ghaney Rizal | writerUploaded 01 December 2023

One important aspect of vannamei shrimp farming is protection against Vibrio bacterial infections, which is why Bacillus bacteria are considered capable of protecting shrimp from Vibrio. Bacillus bacteria play a crucial role in shrimp farming, contributing positively to the aquaculture ecosystem.

How does Bacillus bacteria protect shrimp from Vibrio?

Bacillus is a group of probiotic bacteria that can be a valuable ally in maintaining the health of vannamei shrimp. Here are some ways in which Bacillus works to protect shrimp from Vibrio infections.

  1. Competition for Space and Nutrients: Bacillus competes with Vibrio bacteria for space and nutrients in the shrimp's digestive system, reducing the chances of infection.
  2. Production of Antibacterial Compounds: Bacillus produces antibacterial compounds such as bacitracin, which help inhibit the growth of Vibrio bacteria.
  3. Stimulation of Immune System: Bacillus stimulates the shrimp's immune system, enhancing their ability to fight infections.
  4. Environmental Detoxification: Bacillus helps detoxify harmful substances and maintains water quality, creating a healthier environment.

Key Compounds Produced by Bacillus

To provide maximum protection, Bacillus plays a role in producing various compounds, including antibiotics, enzymes, antimicrobial peptides, volatile compounds, and secondary metabolites. These compounds work together to reduce the risk of Vibrio bacterial infections in your vannamei shrimp.

Other Roles of Bacillus Bacteria

These bacteria not only act as probiotic agents that enhance shrimp health but also help improve water quality and reduce disease risks. In shrimp farming, Bacillus acts as a natural bioregulator, controlling the growth of pathogenic bacteria and reducing ammonia waste.

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In addition, Bacillus enhances shrimp digestion, nutrient absorption, and growth. By harnessing the positive role of Bacillus bacteria, shrimp farming can achieve optimal, sustainable results while maintaining aquaculture environmental balance.

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