Bacillus Probiotics for Increasing Vannamei Shrimp Production

Revfvi Al Ghaney Rizal | writerUploaded 19 January 2024

Vannamei Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) is one of the popular shrimp species in aquaculture, and to support optimal growth, the application of probiotics has become an effective choice. In this context, Bacillus bacteria play a crucial role as probiotics in enhancing the health and productivity of Vannamei shrimp. This article will explain the mechanism of Bacillus as probiotics, especially in the context of Vannamei shrimp.

1. Improved Digestive Conditions of Vannamei Shrimp

One of the main mechanisms of Bacillus as probiotics is improving the digestive conditions of Vannamei shrimp. These bacteria help in breaking down complex feed and better absorption of nutrients by shrimp's digestive tract. This process enhances feed efficiency and provides optimal nutritional support for shrimp growth through enzyme production.

2. Stimulation of Shrimp's Immune System

Bacillus as an immunostimulant can trigger a positive response in the shrimp's immune system. By increasing the production of immune cells and antimicrobial compounds, this probiotic bacteria helps protect shrimp from pathogen attacks and diseases. Enhanced immune system also improves shrimp's ability to withstand changing environmental conditions or stress.

3. Contribution in Controlling Pathogenic Bacteria

Bacillus has antagonistic properties against pathogenic bacteria that can cause diseases in shrimp. Through the production of antimicrobial compounds, this probiotic bacteria helps in suppressing the growth of pathogenic bacteria and reducing the risk of infectious diseases in Vannamei shrimp populations.

4. Decomposition of Organic Waste

The importance of maintaining water quality in shrimp ponds cannot be overlooked. Bacillus helps in decomposing organic waste such as feed residues and shrimp feces. This not only maintains good water quality but also provides a cleaner and healthier environment for shrimp growth.

5. Direct Nutrient Addition

Bacillus bacteria can supply additional nutrients directly to shrimp through the production of easily absorbable organic compounds. This provides additional nutrition that supports Vannamei shrimp's growth, reproduction, and overall health.

Application of Bacillus Probiotics in Vannamei Shrimp Farming

The mechanism of Bacillus as probiotics for Vannamei shrimp involves various processes that support shrimp's health and productivity. With proper application, these bacteria can be a highly effective tool in improving the performance of Vannamei shrimp farming, creating productive ponds, and increasing production yields sustainably.

The application of Bacillus probiotics in Vannamei shrimp farming can be done through the use of specialized probiotic products containing these bacteria. You can use TipTopp Pond. TipTopp Pond can be directly applied to the pond at a dosage of 10 gr/1000 m2. Careful management and regular monitoring are required to ensure the correct dosage and optimal results.

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